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The second season of "The Mojo Mom Podcast" debuts with guest Karen Maezen Miller, author of "Momma Zen." First, Amy and Sheryl discuss fall premieres and Amy's status as #1 public radio geek. They recommend the podcast the new show from WUNC, "The Story with Dick Gordon." Dick Gordon takes the time to explore the stories of people who acutally experience the news, rather than the same old pundits who make the rounds on most talk shows. "The Story" is being rolled out nationally on public radio stations, but you can listen to it now, free, by podcast. Links relevant to this week's Mojo Mom Podcast are: Karen Maezen Miller's website, "The Story with Dick Gordon" website, To subscribe to the podcast of "The Story" go to the Advanced menu on iTunes, select "subscribe to poscast" and paste in the podcast's URL:
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