Mojo Mom Podcast
Bringing you the best in current news, politics, feminism, work and family, as well as expert guest interviews about motherhood and society.
Amy & Sheryl talk about their trip to Boston to see Jon Stewart (adorable, smart and witty!) and attend the Oprah-sponsored "O You!" retreat. Amy's guest this week is Joanne Bamberger, creator of the blogs Pundit Mom and Column Quest. We discuss the ways that motherhood has inspired our writing lives, and the challenges of creating a writing "platform" from scratch. Links to Joanne's blogs and other web sites she recommends: Pundit Mom "Musings on politics, culture, law and motherhood from a political mom." Column Quest "Pundit Mom is out to land her own column. It's time for a political mother to add to the national conversation." Playground Revolution "A Mom's life is political." Mom, Ma'am, Me "Don't bother Mom while she's blogging." Escape from Cubicle Nation "How to go from corporate prisoner to thriving entrepreneur, by Pamela Slim." Brazen Careerist "Career Advice from Penelope Trunk."
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