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Mojo Mom Amy Tiemann is back from a three-week family adventure in Asia. After Amy & Sheryl debrief about Amy's trip, they discuss the blog wars that erupted among feminist authors in Late November. For an account of the exchange between Linda Hirshman and Miriam Peskowitz, and links to Hirshman's article "Homeward Bound" that started it all, read the Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 postings on the Literary Mama Blog,
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Amy and Sheryl have an extended segment together this week as Amy get ready to embark on a three-week trip with her family. They discuss the challenges of traveling with children, and this week's New York Times article about the controversies surrounding expectations about kids' behavior in public.
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After Amy & Sheryl decompress from their week, Amy interviews Kella Hatcher, founding partner of Balancing Professionals, LLC. Balancing Professionals is an innovative firm based in Cary, NC that works with employers and job-seekers to create flexible alternative work arrangements such as part-time work and job sharing. Kella discusses the benefits these arrangements offer to the employer as well as workers, and ways that women can keep their skills sharp when they take time off from the workforce.
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Amy Tiemann and co-host Sheryl Grant talk about how they get their Mojo back in the first segment. Then, Amy's special guest this week is Monyka Berrocosa-Marbach, the founder of the Women's Wine & Dine, which presents Baltimore's premiere women's only wine-tasting events. Amy and Monyka have teamed up to create the Ultimate Mom's Night Out in Baltimore on November 9 and 10. For more information visit Monyka's site,
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Co-hosts Amy Tiemann and Sheryl Grant discuss the joys of having your 6 year old cook you dinner before moving on to the main topic of "finding your voice." This theme extends to Amy's interview with Zainab Sabli, founder of Women for Women International. Zainab shares her personal story for the first time in her new memoir, "Between Two Worlds."
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"Mojo Mom" author Amy Tiemann and her co-host Sheryl Grant kick off this episode by discussing what "mojo" means to them. Listen in to hear Amy explain how you can enter her drawing to win an iPod nano! The second half of the show features the first part of Amy's two-part inteview with Zainab Salbi, founder of the war-relief organization Women for Women International. Zainab talks about women's leadership and the lessons the US can learn about rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina.
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Mini test-drive of the new Mojo Mom podcast. Check back for weekly half-hour shows, starting in October.
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