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Old friends, new baby: last July we checked in with Amy's friend Aparna Desai Brown, who was expecting her first baby. Today Aparna returns as Amy's guest co-host to share her experiences from her first two months of motherhood. Aparna has a lot of good news and advice for first-time parents. In the second half of the show Amy is joined by breastfeeding advocate Dr. Miriam Labbok. Miriam has worked for UNICEF and now heads the Center for Infant and Young Child Feeding and Care at UNC's school of Public Health. She shares encouraging statistics about breastfeeding, as well as reasons why it is in employers' best interests (as well as employees') to create family-friendly workplaces.
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Amy & Sheryl are back with news of Sheryl's cross-country trip with her son. Successful travel with a child is always good news! Then Amy interviews Jamie Woolf, who offers her insight on the two-way exchange of knowledge between parenthood and work. Though her consulting firm, The Parent Leader, Jamie provides workshops, consultations, and resources to help parents learn a skill set that provides that extra capacity to perform the best they can at the work that matters the most. By cultivating a leadership advantage, parents can increase their positive influence and inspire self-confidence, passion, meaning, and resiliency in themselves and their children. Jamie Woolf also does work in conjunction with and Working Mother magazine.
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Amy and Sheryl are back with their reflections on the Election Night results. They'll contine to follow politics on the road to the 2008 Presidential race. What do recent results mean for mothers? Amy is joined by our guest pundits Cooper Munroe and Emily McKhann. The dynamic women are actively invovled in advocating for mothers' rights. They have worked with to push for Pennsylvania state legislation that would finally outlaw job discrimination against mothers. This discrimination is currently legal in Pennsylvania and 27 other states. Cooper and Emily's work extends in many directions. You can read their Been There Blog, learn about the Been There Clearinghouse to help Hurricane Katrina survivors, and learn more about moms and politics at Next year these founding mothers will be kicking off a new project, a web portal called The Motherhood. Stop by now and you can sign up for email updates about the site launch.
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Amy and Sheryl have a lot to talk about this week. Amy is just back from The Motherlode Conference, 4 days of nonstop talk about research about motherhood and feminism. Sheryl shares breaking news about her future job plans. Then Amy talks to Elena Taurke Joseph, Ph. D. Elena is a psychologist, mother and film maker. She screened her film "Martyred Moms--The Price of Sacrifice" at The Motherlode. Her work explores guilt, sacrifice, the intertwined nature of mothers and children, and how it is possible to be both a mother and an artist. You can learn more about Elenas work by visiting her website Martyred The interview with Judith Warner that Amy referenced was "Mommy Madness" from February 23, 2005.
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Podcast listeners are by definition internet users. We may feel comfortable with the internet as part of our lives, but we need to be mindful about safety and choosing the information we share with the world. Amy has an eye-opening chat with internet safety expert Linda Criddle, author of "Look Both Ways: Help Protect Your Family on the Internet." Criddle reveals the weak spots that crop up in our own safety strategies as well as those involving our kids. You can learn more about Criddle's work and ask her your specific safety concerns at her website, Amy and Sheryl also discuss one of their top book recommendations, "Protecting the Gift: Keeping Children and Teenagers Safe (and Parents Sane)" by Gavin de Becker.
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Amy & Sheryl talk about their trip to Boston to see Jon Stewart (adorable, smart and witty!) and attend the Oprah-sponsored "O You!" retreat. Amy's guest this week is Joanne Bamberger, creator of the blogs Pundit Mom and Column Quest. We discuss the ways that motherhood has inspired our writing lives, and the challenges of creating a writing "platform" from scratch. Links to Joanne's blogs and other web sites she recommends: Pundit Mom "Musings on politics, culture, law and motherhood from a political mom." Column Quest "Pundit Mom is out to land her own column. It's time for a political mother to add to the national conversation." Playground Revolution "A Mom's life is political." Mom, Ma'am, Me "Don't bother Mom while she's blogging." Escape from Cubicle Nation "How to go from corporate prisoner to thriving entrepreneur, by Pamela Slim." Brazen Careerist "Career Advice from Penelope Trunk."
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The second season of "The Mojo Mom Podcast" debuts with guest Karen Maezen Miller, author of "Momma Zen." First, Amy and Sheryl discuss fall premieres and Amy's status as #1 public radio geek. They recommend the podcast the new show from WUNC, "The Story with Dick Gordon." Dick Gordon takes the time to explore the stories of people who acutally experience the news, rather than the same old pundits who make the rounds on most talk shows. "The Story" is being rolled out nationally on public radio stations, but you can listen to it now, free, by podcast. Links relevant to this week's Mojo Mom Podcast are: Karen Maezen Miller's website, "The Story with Dick Gordon" website, To subscribe to the podcast of "The Story" go to the Advanced menu on iTunes, select "subscribe to poscast" and paste in the podcast's URL:
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We're taking a break from our break to bring you a show about parenting survival skills for summer. Kids are out of school, routine schedules are trashed, everyone's staying up late--it's often up to Moms to provide a stable anchor during this hectic time. Amy & Sheryl share their woes and successes in keeping it all together during the dog days. Then, Amy talks to her friend Aparna, who is an expectant first-time Mom. We get Aparna's pre-natal perspective on motherhood, and we'll check in with her again in a few months to see how she's doing. In the final segment, Amy gets a seasoned parenting expert on board. Author Ann Douglas shares her wisdom about surviving and thriving throughout motherhood. You can learn more about Ann's work at her website, It's a show so big, it took us half the summer to pull it together! Listen in, and then join us again after Labor Day for the new fall season of The Mojo Mom Podcast.
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Amy and Sheryl are back in action as they slide into summer. They are fired up by the new website that aims to connect women in a new powerful grassroots movement to demand family-friendly policies. Amy talks to the co-founders of, who also co-wrote the new book "The Motherhood Manifesto: What America's Moms Want, and What to Do About It." Joan Blades is the co-founder of and Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner is the author of "The F Word: Feminism in Jeopardy." Listen in and find out how you can get involved.
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Amy & Sheryl respond to a thoughtful listener email and get honest about parenting strategies that worked for them and those that didn't. Above all they rail against inflexibe parenting mandates. They know that in the real world everybody makes it up a little as they go along. Then Amy talks to one of her favorite parenting experts, Elizabeth Pantley, author of "The No-Cry Sleep Solution." You can learn more about Elizabeth's work at
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What is the Tao of Poop? It's accepting your life as it really is--the good, the bad, and the poop! Amy & Sheryl decompress from their "spring breaks" and then Amy interviews Vivan Glyck, author of "The Tao of Poop" and founder of
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It's a short show this week as Amy & Sheryl discuss the importance of Moms getting away and recharging their batteries once in a while. While away at the Spa at Pinehurst they plotted the next phase of "Mojo Mom." Be sure to listen in to this episode for information about this week's giveaway.
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The media is fanning the flames behind the Mommy Wars again with recent segments on Good Morning America. Amy & Sheryl explore this issue again with the help of Miriam Peskowitz, author of "The Truth Behind the Mommy Wars" and blogger at Also see Amy's new article, "The Heart of the Mommy Wars" on Amy's Blog at
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Can mothers find peace and mindfulness within their busy days? How can we make motherhood a spiritual path? "Mojo Mom" author Amy Tiemann talks to Australian author Sarah Napthali about her thoughts on mindful motherhood and her book, "Buddhism for Mothers: A Calm Approach to Caring for Yourself and Your Children."
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Amy and Sheryl decompress and talk about the ups and downs of Sheryl's talk with her son's teachers. Amy vents wondering why men don't want to come to "parenting" events but feel left out when women have "mothering" events. Then things lighten up as Amy interviews comedian Joanie Fagan, star of "3 Blonde Moms...See How They Run." (
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The personal and podcast come together as Amy & Sheryl discuss conflicts between parents and teachers. Amy then interviews Stacy DeBroff, author of "The Mom Book Goes to School" for her expert perspective on helping your child get the most out of his or her education...without becoming a hovering "helicopter parent." Stacy DeBroff's website is
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Co-hosts Amy Tiemann and Sheryl Grant ponder life at the intersection of feminism and reality. Motherhood seems to be the watershed of Gen X realizing that gender roles are alive and well in American society. This week's show features an interview with Judith Stadtman Tucker, founder of The Mothers Movement Online (
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After co-hosts Amy Tiemann and Sheryl Grant wonder whether they'll ever get organized, professional organizer Peri Kersh stops by to share her secrets of a "Neat Freak." All of us busy Moms can use some help taming the clutter monster, and Peri shares strategies and tells us that time management may be at the bottom of some of our clutter issues. For more information about Peri Kersh's organizing work in the Chapel Hill, NC area, visit her website, Listen in and find out about the podcast's new weekly book giveaways!
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Co-hosts Amy Tiemann and Sheryl Grant discuss the joys and challenges of keeping it all, family, self, and the podcast.
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Why do guilt and motherhood seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly? What are the costs of punishing ourselves and second-guessing perfectly reasonable decisions we make? Amy and Sheyl discuss their perspectives, and then Amy is joined by Aviva Pflock and Devra Renner, authors of book "Mommy Guilt," for their expert commentary.
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"Mojo Mom" author Amy Tiemann and co-host Sheryl Grant kick off the New Year talking about creating resolutions you'll actually enjoy keeping. They then discuss the use and abuse of the term "stay-at-home Mom;" which tensions truly exist between Moms in the real world; and which are media hype. The Mojo Mom Podcast is resuming a weekly schedule now that the holidays are over, and Amy and Sheryl look forward to brining you many interesting guest interviews in 2006.
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