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After co-hosts Amy Tiemann and Sheryl Grant wonder whether they'll ever get organized, professional organizer Peri Kersh stops by to share her secrets of a "Neat Freak." All of us busy Moms can use some help taming the clutter monster, and Peri shares strategies and tells us that time management may be at the bottom of some of our clutter issues. For more information about Peri Kersh's organizing work in the Chapel Hill, NC area, visit her website, Listen in and find out about the podcast's new weekly book giveaways!
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Co-hosts Amy Tiemann and Sheryl Grant discuss the joys and challenges of keeping it all, family, self, and the podcast.
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Why do guilt and motherhood seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly? What are the costs of punishing ourselves and second-guessing perfectly reasonable decisions we make? Amy and Sheyl discuss their perspectives, and then Amy is joined by Aviva Pflock and Devra Renner, authors of book "Mommy Guilt," for their expert commentary.
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"Mojo Mom" author Amy Tiemann and co-host Sheryl Grant kick off the New Year talking about creating resolutions you'll actually enjoy keeping. They then discuss the use and abuse of the term "stay-at-home Mom;" which tensions truly exist between Moms in the real world; and which are media hype. The Mojo Mom Podcast is resuming a weekly schedule now that the holidays are over, and Amy and Sheryl look forward to brining you many interesting guest interviews in 2006.
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