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Amy and Sheryl are back with their reflections on the Election Night results. They'll contine to follow politics on the road to the 2008 Presidential race. What do recent results mean for mothers? Amy is joined by our guest pundits Cooper Munroe and Emily McKhann. The dynamic women are actively invovled in advocating for mothers' rights. They have worked with to push for Pennsylvania state legislation that would finally outlaw job discrimination against mothers. This discrimination is currently legal in Pennsylvania and 27 other states. Cooper and Emily's work extends in many directions. You can read their Been There Blog, learn about the Been There Clearinghouse to help Hurricane Katrina survivors, and learn more about moms and politics at Next year these founding mothers will be kicking off a new project, a web portal called The Motherhood. Stop by now and you can sign up for email updates about the site launch.
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Amy and Sheryl have a lot to talk about this week. Amy is just back from The Motherlode Conference, 4 days of nonstop talk about research about motherhood and feminism. Sheryl shares breaking news about her future job plans. Then Amy talks to Elena Taurke Joseph, Ph. D. Elena is a psychologist, mother and film maker. She screened her film "Martyred Moms--The Price of Sacrifice" at The Motherlode. Her work explores guilt, sacrifice, the intertwined nature of mothers and children, and how it is possible to be both a mother and an artist. You can learn more about Elenas work by visiting her website Martyred The interview with Judith Warner that Amy referenced was "Mommy Madness" from February 23, 2005.
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