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Old friends, new baby: last July we checked in with Amy's friend Aparna Desai Brown, who was expecting her first baby. Today Aparna returns as Amy's guest co-host to share her experiences from her first two months of motherhood. Aparna has a lot of good news and advice for first-time parents. In the second half of the show Amy is joined by breastfeeding advocate Dr. Miriam Labbok. Miriam has worked for UNICEF and now heads the Center for Infant and Young Child Feeding and Care at UNC's school of Public Health. She shares encouraging statistics about breastfeeding, as well as reasons why it is in employers' best interests (as well as employees') to create family-friendly workplaces.
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Amy & Sheryl are back with news of Sheryl's cross-country trip with her son. Successful travel with a child is always good news! Then Amy interviews Jamie Woolf, who offers her insight on the two-way exchange of knowledge between parenthood and work. Though her consulting firm, The Parent Leader, Jamie provides workshops, consultations, and resources to help parents learn a skill set that provides that extra capacity to perform the best they can at the work that matters the most. By cultivating a leadership advantage, parents can increase their positive influence and inspire self-confidence, passion, meaning, and resiliency in themselves and their children. Jamie Woolf also does work in conjunction with and Working Mother magazine.
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