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 This week's show is all about the "f-word"--feminism.  Sheryl and Amy talk about their experiences with the women's movement over the years.  Then Amy talks with Deborah Siegel, author of "Sisterhood Interrupted--From Radical Women to Grrrls Gone Wild" about ways that we can overcome generational differences to work for the benefit of all women.
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This weekend is Father's Day so what better time to invite Michael Tiemann, Mojo Dad himself, as a guest host. Amy and Michael are teaming up to write a new parenting and technology blog for Stop by (parent . thesis) for ongoing coverage of new technology and its impact on families. With Amy and Michael both contributing, this is a true parenting blog with both the Venus and Mars points of view represented. Then Amy talks to novelist Lynn Harris, whose new book Death By Chick Lit is Mojo Mom's pick for a fun summer read. In this loving and knowing sendup of the genre, Harris' heroine chick lit author Lola Sommerville is a little miffed that when someone starts killing at the it-girl authors, she hasn't made the list. Lynn is a widely published author whose nonfiction journalism and commentary appear in many places, notably Broadsheet on
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The craziness of the end of the school year has begun, and Amy & Sheryl are doing their best to ride that wave. This is a good time to talk about making self-care, even in the midst of chaos, so Amy talks with Renee Trudeau, author of "The Mother's Guide to Self-Renewal." You can learn more about Renee's 'Personal Renewal Group' programs by visiting her website,
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The "opt-out" phenomenon is having a moment. The conversation seems to be reaching a tipping point that we can only hope leads to change in the workplace. We know that life is more complicated that one simple notion of opting out, and we devote this week's episode to the texture and nuances of this issue. Amy & Sheryl take up the topic, then Amy interviews Professor Pamela Stone, author of the book, "Opting Out? Why Women Really Quit Their Careers and Head Home." Mojo Mom has given this new, incredibly thoughtful book her endorsement as "The Thinking Mom's Book Club Pick" of 2007. For more information on Pamela Stone's work, visitt her website,
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Amy and Sheryl check in after their Mother's Day weekend. It's a short segment as both of our co-hosts are low on mojo reserves after an intense week. Amy shares the story of her trip to New York to appear on The Today Show. Then Amy welcomes our latest Mother Talk guest, Lisa Garrigues, author of "Writing Motherhood: Tapping into Your Creativity as a Mother and a Writer." Amy has really enjoyed Lisa's book, and she recommends it as a wonderful tool to help you develop a writing practice that will ignite your creative spirit.
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Amy and Sheryl celebrate Sheryl's first semester of grad school, and Amy's graduation to the national media stage. She'll be on the weekend edition of The Today Show on Saturday, May 12, so we hope you all tune in! The topic will be related to Moms Opting Out and What Happens Next. Amy's guest today is Gail Evans, author of "Play Like A Man, Win Like a Woman," and "She Wins, You Win." Gail has experienced life as a stay-at-home Mom of three and worked for 20-years as a CNN executive. Her books teach women the ins and outs of succeeding in business. Gail talks about playing for the "women's team" in a collaborative, honest and supportive way.
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Amy and Sheryl are full of mojo this week as they bask in the glow of a special Mom's Night Out. Friends gathered for support and a much-needed recharge. You can host your own get-together with help from the free Mojo Mom Party Kit we offer on Then Amy talks to the indefatigable Arianna Huffington, creator of The Huffington Post and author of "On Becoming Love, Work and Life." Arianna talks about overcoming the obstacles of fear and insecurity that keep women from living their most successful, fulfilling lives. You are invited to share your own story through the Huffington Post's "Fearless Voices" Mother Daughter Campaign.
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Mojo Mom interviews Leslie Bennett, author of "The Feminine Mistake." Amy & Sheryl set the stage, then Amy jumps in to her conversation with the author of the controversial new book that warns mothers of the risks of financial dependency they may encounter after leaving the workforce. For Amy's practical tips on how to address these risks, read her recent blog post, "Taking Charge of Your Financial Security." There she lays out her own plan and lists additional resources to consult for sound financial planning.
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Amy and Sheryl struggle to take their own advice about self care and conclude that it is a renewed lesson on a daily basis. Help comes from guest Elizabeth Irvine, author of "Healthy Mother, Healthy Child: Creating Balance in Everyday Life." Beth comes to "The Mojo Mom Podcast" through our new "MotherTalk" partnership. MotherTalk connects readers and writers through literary salons, blog tours, and much more.
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"Business" is the catch word of the week. After Amy & Sheryl debrief on the Women in Business conference at UNC, Mojo Mom interviews Amy Nassisi, founder of the Flexibility Alliance. What steps can women take now to prepare to ask for flexible employment later? Amy Nassisi shares the nitty gritty details and strategies.
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Amy & Sheryl discuss the ongoing battle for a good night's sleep and the quest to keep their mojo fully recharged. Then Amy kicks off her new partnership with by speaking with "naptime activists" Cooper Munroe and Emily McKhann. Cooper and Emily started the Been There Clearinghouse after Hurricane Katrina, a "community bulletin board" to match donors and people in need on the Gulf Coast. You can find out the latest developments in Cooper & Emily's work by reading their Been There blog.
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Amy and Sheryl discuss the coverage of in the Feb. 22 New York Times. Stay tuned next week for new information about the new partnership between MojoMom and MomsRising. Then, Amy interviews "Made To Stick" author Dan Heath about crafting memorable ideas. Dan shares skills that are essential for effective communication. "Made to Stick" is one of Amy's favorite new books, which she hails as "a worthy successor to 'The Tipping Point' with practical ideas that are useful in all areas of life."
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Amy and Sheryl talk about the diminishing role that parenting experts play in their lives now that their kids have reached elementary school age. They are glad to depend less on experts but realize that sometimes they do still need advice. Sheryl recommends the book "Say Yes to College" as a resource that helped her chart a course for her son to become more responsible. Then Amy interviews Susan Ness, President and CEO of Greenstone Media, a new talk radio network for women. You can listen in via live streaming media, podcast through iTunes, or local radio broadcast. Greenstone Media would love to have you call in with questions during their live broadcasts. We mentioned several books on this show: Sheryl's recommendation "Say Yes to College" by Sharon Chandler Susan Ness' recommendations "Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman" and "She Wins, You Win" by Gail Evans
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Sheryl has started her first week of graduate school and she and Amy debrief about campus life in 2007. What's it like to go back to school as a busy, focused Mom? Then, Amy interviews journalist Peggy Wehmeyer, host of the World Vision Report. This weekly radio newsmagazine gives a voice to the many concerns of impoverished families and disenfranchised people worldwide. Peggy shares her insights from this journalistic endeavor, and also discusses her own experience as the working Mom of two now-grown daughters.
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