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Amy and Sheryl are full of mojo this week as they bask in the glow of a special Mom's Night Out. Friends gathered for support and a much-needed recharge. You can host your own get-together with help from the free Mojo Mom Party Kit we offer on Then Amy talks to the indefatigable Arianna Huffington, creator of The Huffington Post and author of "On Becoming Love, Work and Life." Arianna talks about overcoming the obstacles of fear and insecurity that keep women from living their most successful, fulfilling lives. You are invited to share your own story through the Huffington Post's "Fearless Voices" Mother Daughter Campaign.
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Mojo Mom interviews Leslie Bennett, author of "The Feminine Mistake." Amy & Sheryl set the stage, then Amy jumps in to her conversation with the author of the controversial new book that warns mothers of the risks of financial dependency they may encounter after leaving the workforce. For Amy's practical tips on how to address these risks, read her recent blog post, "Taking Charge of Your Financial Security." There she lays out her own plan and lists additional resources to consult for sound financial planning.
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Amy and Sheryl struggle to take their own advice about self care and conclude that it is a renewed lesson on a daily basis. Help comes from guest Elizabeth Irvine, author of "Healthy Mother, Healthy Child: Creating Balance in Everyday Life." Beth comes to "The Mojo Mom Podcast" through our new "MotherTalk" partnership. MotherTalk connects readers and writers through literary salons, blog tours, and much more.
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