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The "opt-out" phenomenon is having a moment. The conversation seems to be reaching a tipping point that we can only hope leads to change in the workplace. We know that life is more complicated that one simple notion of opting out, and we devote this week's episode to the texture and nuances of this issue. Amy & Sheryl take up the topic, then Amy interviews Professor Pamela Stone, author of the book, "Opting Out? Why Women Really Quit Their Careers and Head Home." Mojo Mom has given this new, incredibly thoughtful book her endorsement as "The Thinking Mom's Book Club Pick" of 2007. For more information on Pamela Stone's work, visitt her website,
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Amy and Sheryl check in after their Mother's Day weekend. It's a short segment as both of our co-hosts are low on mojo reserves after an intense week. Amy shares the story of her trip to New York to appear on The Today Show. Then Amy welcomes our latest Mother Talk guest, Lisa Garrigues, author of "Writing Motherhood: Tapping into Your Creativity as a Mother and a Writer." Amy has really enjoyed Lisa's book, and she recommends it as a wonderful tool to help you develop a writing practice that will ignite your creative spirit.
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Amy and Sheryl celebrate Sheryl's first semester of grad school, and Amy's graduation to the national media stage. She'll be on the weekend edition of The Today Show on Saturday, May 12, so we hope you all tune in! The topic will be related to Moms Opting Out and What Happens Next. Amy's guest today is Gail Evans, author of "Play Like A Man, Win Like a Woman," and "She Wins, You Win." Gail has experienced life as a stay-at-home Mom of three and worked for 20-years as a CNN executive. Her books teach women the ins and outs of succeeding in business. Gail talks about playing for the "women's team" in a collaborative, honest and supportive way.
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