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The conversation about motherhood and feminism continues.  First Amy and Sheryl tackle the topic, reflecting on life at the intersection of feminism and reality.

Then Mojo Mom continues the conversation with Amy Richards, author of Opting In:  Having A Child without Losing Yourself.  Richards is also the author of the Ask Amy column at

This is the last week of our latest iPod giveaway.  The drawing is on July 1, so listen to the show to find out how to enter!
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Amy has big news--a new edition of "Mojo Mom" coming out spring 2009 from Gotham Books.  Amy and Sheryl celebrate this development and then announce a new iPod giveaway.  Listen in to learn how you can enter to win a 4 GB iPod Nano in our drawing to be held on July 1, 2008.

Then from the material to the spiritual....Amy talks to "Momma Zen" author Karen Maezen Miller about writing, creativity and motherhood.  Karen shows us all that it's possible to become a writer even if we never find "more time." 

For more of Karen's wisdom, check out her series of "Zen Writers' Workshop" entries listed in the sidebar on her Cheerio Road blog.
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Amy and Sheryl talk about their failed efforts to find peace and mindfulness.  Find out why the best place to meditate might just be...the shower?

Then Amy talks to Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson, authors of "Why Work Sucks, and How to Fix It."  Cali and Jody pioneered a new work model called ROWE, the Results-Only Work Environment.  Say goodbye to face time and pointless meetings, say hello working however you see fit, as long as the work gets done.  ROWE applies to a wide variety of situations and can most definitely make life better for working parents.
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Today's parents are sold the idea that family life requires a ton of gadgets.  From sign language to $800 strollers, sophisticated marketing campagins have parents firmly in their sites.

Amy and Sheryl discuss this phenomenon, and then Amy interviews "Parenting, Inc." author Pamela Paul for her expert view.
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