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A few weeks ago, Sheryl was one of the first people to notice the YouTube video, David After Dentist.  This week Amy & Sheryl discuss how our private lives go public, and viral videos take on lives of their own online, as evidenced by the profanity-laden mashup, Christian Bale Takes David to the Dentist. 

Then Mojo Mom talks to professional organizer Perri Kersh.  Perri's many interests seem to converge in new ways during this recession:  she is Neat Freak Professional Organizer, author of the blog Enough is Enough, a founder of the Giving Party, and an expert on Fine Living Network's show Time Makeover.  Perri and Amy talk about making the most of what we already have--relationships, values, and priorities as well as time and  possessions.
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Co-hosts Amy and Sheryl have the economic crisis is on their minds, and they'll continue to work to bring together resources to help Moms make it through our country's financial meltdown.

Then Mojo Mom talks to Bria Simpson about her work as The Balanced Mom coach.  Listen in to hear Bria's thoughts about Moms returning to work, and her Brilliance in Motherhood Retreats, including a special offer for Mojo Mom Podcast listeners.
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Amy and Sheryl catch up, both appreciating and being sad about the fact that the podcast has become their most reliable opportunity to spend time together.

Then Amy talks with Mom-in-Chief author Jamie Woolf.  Jamie is a leadership expert who helps women take the skills they've learned in the workplace and apply them to family-life leadership as well.  Mom-in-Chief is thoughtful and practical, and honors the many kinds of work that mothers and fathers do throughout their busy lives. 

Listen in to find out how to enter our upcoming Mojo Mom Podcast drawings, which will include two copies of Mom-in-Chief awarded on February 13, and an iPod Nano on March 7.  Enter once and you'll be eligible for all our upcoming prize drawings, leading up to the release of the new edition of Mojo Mom on April 7.
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