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Amy and Patty talk about upcoming changes in Mojo Mom, which will be more fully announced in October.

Then Mojo Mom interviews Rachel Simmons, a respected author, educator and coach who helps girls develop their authentic selves.  Rachel's new book is The Curse of the Good Girl, which fascinated Amy as a guide to helping young women develop, and a reminder that grown-up women may still have some relationship skills to learn, especially when it comes to dealing with conflict.
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It's time for fall cleaning.  Amy Tiemann and this week's co-host Patty Ayers talk about letting go of clutter, as Patty has done in a major way by moving to Mexico and embracing a life rich in experiences that is not weighed down by possessions.

Then Mojo Mom turns to "Neat Freak" professional organizer Perri Kersh for her tips for creating a landing pad for your family's belongings. As school gets into full swing it's a good time of year to look at the flow of informaiton and "stuff" into your household, and the small step of creating a landing pad can help with that process.
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Amy has been writing on her Mojo Mom Blog about what experiences students should have before they get to college.  She and Patty Ayers talk about this balance between exploration and knowing where you are going.

Then Mojo Mom welcomes leading parenting expert Dr. Michele Borba to the podcast.  Michele Borba is the author of 23 books and a regular contributor to The Today Show.  Her latest release is The Big Book of Parenting Solutions:  101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries.  This encylopedic guide is organized by topic to give parents the specific solutions they need to address a wide range of issues for kids ages 3 to 13.
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We're kicking off the fifth season of The Mojo Mom Podcast!  We wish a fond farewell to co-host Sheryl Grant who is starting grad school full time.  Amy welcomes her new co-host Patty Ayers.  Amy and Patty have worked together behind the scenes for many years and are excited to talk about current issues together on the podcast.  In this episode they talk about Patty's empty-nester move to Mexico (you can see photos on Patty's blog) and then discuss the controversy that erupted this week about a breastfeeding mother who was fired by the Totes/Isotoner corporation for taking "unauthorized" breaks to pump her milk.

Then Mojo Mom talks to Po Bronson, co-author of NurtureShock:  New Thinking about Children.  In this important new book, Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman bring to light new scientific findings that can change the way we view child development.

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