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Mojo Mom is launching her next project:  a new book called Courageous Parenting.  Its goal is to give parents the skills and strategies they need to raise independent kids, with courage and confidence rather than worry and fear.

This anthology will bring together over a dozen talented authors who cover this topic from their unique angle.  So on The Mojo Mom Podcast, we'll be talking to the anthology contributors, starting out this week with the founders of the social networking site for Moms,, Cooper Munroe and Emily McKhann.  This dynamic duo returns to the podcast to talk about how community support can empower us all to be more courageous, and how they plan to transform a chat we had online at TheMotherhood into a chapter for the new book.

You can register to receive a free e-book copy of Courageous Parenting by signing up to receive the newsletter and Party Kit, so stop by today!
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We're trying out a new format on The Mojo Mom Podcast, focusing on one segment to give us more time for our expert guest interviews. 

This week's guest Kristin Maschka is a great person to help kick off this new format, because Mojo Mom and Kristin sure have a lot to talk about.  Kristin is a past president of the national advocacy group Mothers & More, a successful businessperson, and the author of the new book This Is Not How I Thought It Would Be: Remodeling Motherhood to Get the Lives We Want Today.

So tune in to learn how you can put more energy into all the facets of your identity, and find out how Mothers & More helped Amy Tiemann take a step forward on the path that eventually led to writing Mojo Mom.

You can learn more about Kristin Maschka's work and sign up to receive her free "remodeling tools" at
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