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Amy Tiemann continues her series of interviews with Courageous Parenting anthology contributors.  This week, Kidpower founder Irene van der Zande returns to the show.

How can parents teach their kids to be independent and safe?  Kidpower personal safety skills are designed to do just that, for people of all ages.  Listen in and learn how to "co-pilot" your kids (without becoming a "helicopter parent") as they take their first steps out of the nest.

You can register to get a free electronic download of Courageous Parenting when it is released in Spring 2010 by signing up on

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The Mojo Mom Podcast is back with new shows for 2010!  We are starting our new season by continuing the series of interviews with contributors to the new Courageous Parenting anthology that Amy Tiemann is editing.

This week Amy talks to internet safety expert Linda Criddle, founder of the site  Amy brings up a number of situations that, as a parent, feel difficult or helpless.  Linda shares practical safety strategies and fosters a sense of empowerment in the way that parents think about the internet.

Special pre-publication offer:  You can sign up on to receive a free electronic download of the new book Courageous Parenting when it comes out this spring.
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