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This week Mojo Mom is talking career strategies with Kella Hatcher, who along with Maryanne Perrin is a principal in Balancing Professionals consulting, advocating or a flexible, strategic, sustainable workplace.  Kella and Maryanne have also contributed a chapter on career development to the new anthology that Amy Tiemann is editing, Courageous Parents, Confident Kids -- Letting Go So You Both Can Grow.

Kella and Amy talk about strategies for lifelong career development, on-ramping, putting your best foot forward and getting your confidence back as you craft your own path, which may go "off-road" rather than follow a career ladder.  Fortunately, these days more employees and entrepreneurs are advocating for alternative, flexible work, and that will benefit both Moms and Dads.  Workplace change is coming, and we are the pioneers!

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The Mojo Mom Podcast is all about providing parents with valuable information that applies to all aspects of life. Parents are leaders and change agents.  So this week Amy Tiemann welcomes Dan Heath back to the podcast to talk about his brand-new bestseller co-authored with Chip Heath, "Switch:  How to Change Things When Change is Hard."

Whether you are a PTA volunteer, community organizer, or CEO, "Switch" will change the way you look at change.  Dan explains the guiding metaphor of "Switch" and inspiriging examples of people creating big change in difficult situations.

Listen in, check out the Heath Brothers' website for more information, and read Amy Tiemann's full review of "Switch." 

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Amy Tiemann continues her series of interviews wtih "Courageous Parents, Confident Kids" anthology contributors, this week by talking politics with Joanne Bamberger, creator of PunditMom blog.

In Joanne's book chapter, she talks about what it means for parents to connect with their political voices, and proclaim their opinions, often using blogs as an outlet.  Here Joanne and Amy get right into it, sharing their own opinions about their frustrations with the Democratic Party, politics, and the seeming inablity to get anything done, even when one party has the Presidency and majorities in the House and Senate.

Hear what's on Amy and Joanne's minds, and then feel free to stop by the Mojo Mom and PunditMom blogs to let us know what is on yours!

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When Marc and Amy Vachon married and started a family, they could not have predicted that their personal commitment to each other to act as equal parenting partners would contribute to a growing social movement.  But it has grown into a movement that Marc and Amy cover thorugh their blog and their new book, Equally Shared Parenting.  On this week's Mojo Mom Podcast, the Vachons talk to Amy Tiemann about their co-parenting strategies and the benefits--for both Moms and Dads--that come from developing an egalitarian parenting partnership.

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