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Internet safety expert Linda Criddle, president of the Safe Internet Alliance and founder of, returns to the Mojo Mom Podcast to talk about two crucial issues:  first, what parents need to know about Facebook's new privacy policies (or lack thereof, as they sell user data to an ever-widening circle or marketers) and second, an introduction to the risks of technology in the context of teen relationship violence.

Host Amy Tiemann was motivated to invite Linda on the podcast to talk about technology and relationship violence after hearing the May 10 episode of The Diane Rehm Show, which took a broader look at teen relationship violence but also honed in on technology as a tool that abusers can use to control and keep tabs on their partners.  Linda Criddle is an excellent expert to continue this conversation, as she has deep knowledge and professional experience in the areas of relationship violence and technology.

Linda is currently working on a guide wtih specific strategeis on Internet Safety for Victims of Violence.  When it comes out this summer, the guide will be made available free through Linda's Website,

Linda also contributed a chapter to Amy Tiemann's latest book, Courageous Parents, Confident Kids, teaching parents how to guide their children through the early stages of internet use.

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